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  1. Definitely comes down to an overall clients expectations and specifications. Alexa and or Google would have a hard time being your go to when it comes to a whole home systems integration solution ie whole house lighting control with seamless control of your multi-zone audio and video distribution which is what the company was originally founded on. It has its place in the market but do not see it taking control of the CE market anytime soon. Pretty nifty gadgets that are being marketed well but far cry from a reliable whole home integration solution.
  2. Well that may actually be a good learning experience.Funny story...we have a Echo in our living room and my wife was watching one of her housewife programs and there was a female named Alexis. It woke it up and i was already in bed and all i could here was her saying "Siri stop, Siri shut up. She had a few cocktails and it woke me up she was so frustrated. I came out and said its not Siri silly and unplugged it! She said why didnt i think of that!!! Funny as i work from home and have mocked up C4 with echo, Roku, Lutron and C4 lighting. I used to travel allot with work and a day didnt go by that she didnt call me for tech support!! Glad my traveling days are over!
  3. Great....i just loved having homeowners watching your every move, they should add an extra 10-15% for the installers pain!!
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    one more note, make sure you refresh and rescan after adding latest driver.
  5. CRE2000

    driver development

    Thanks! I will definitely look into it. Have a good night or day wherever you reside! CR
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    Here you go. No need to address, if so it may try to force an IP address. Replace your current DRIVER with the one shown. If you need anymore help please let me know. f you are changing drivers you will need to make HDMI bindings back to INPUT they were residing on. Good luck and i hope this was helpful. CR
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  8. Try setting controller to a Static IP. If it is similar to RA you should have that option available. CR
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    driver development

    In C+, AMX coding for example is the buffering or analyzing the string feedback from the device you are trying to control. You might only need parts of it so you can use as true feedback. A prime example is Aprilaire and Jandy products as the receive string is so long and all you want is the status along with current temp you to a variable text window created in touchpanel design. Takes counting charachters to display true feedback. Example Below: You could maybe also take a look at AMXX's parse native? I think it does what you want, except obviously it's coded as a native right now... Looks kind of long, though. PHP Code: /* Gets parameters from text. * Example: to split text: "^"This is^" the best year", * call function like this: parse(text,arg1,len1,arg2,len2,arg3,len3,arg4,len4) * and you will get: "This is", "the", "best", "year" * Function returns number of parsed parameters. */ native parse(const text[], ... ); static cell AMX_NATIVE_CALL parse(AMX *amx, cell *params) /* 3 param */ { int inum = *params / sizeof(cell), iarg = 2, c; char* arg, *parse = get_amxstring(amx, params[1], 0, c); cell *cptr; int state; while (*parse) { arg = parse_arg(&parse,state); if (state) { if (inum <= iarg) return ((iarg - 2)>>1); cptr = get_amxaddr(amx, params[iarg++]); c = *get_amxaddr(amx, params[iarg++]); while (c-- && *arg) *cptr++ = (cell)*arg++; *cptr = 0; } } return ((iarg - 2)>>1); }
  10. OK, Let me know if ican be of any assistance. CR
  11. netflix, hulu, and PSVue are available on many platforms including your phone or tablet. It doesnt have to be a Roku or Apple TV. Most TVs are smart and offer same content. Would make for a complete system for sure!
  12. actually a dry contact from Doorbell if the client is just looking for a wav file annoumcement CR
  13. Why not right? I have a Roku Stick in my bedroom and the set top in my Family Rm. Never thought of C4 streaming Video but its probably in the works. How nice to have all in one!! Not sure whats stopping them....deffo possible