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  1. Hi - I saw your post re wired motion sensors.  I'm in the same boat - I have 20 locations I want to add wired motion sensors with Lux measuring so I can trigger other things based on readings from the sensors.

    Did you end up identifying a brand that you installed?  I'm in the UK so I need to ensure they are available here (I was going to get Axxess ones, but then the dealers called and we found out they are only available in the US!)


  2. Hi Gary - I have seen a few posts from you on motion sensors. I'm in the UK (assuming you are too), and looking for wired motion sensors that have lux sensors too so that I can control other things based on level of light.  Do you happen to know which brands are available in the UK?  I have seen the Axxess one but my dealer has called C4 who have said they are only available in the US.

    Any help or info would be great.  Thanks..

    1. Gary Leeds UK

      Gary Leeds UK

      In the same boat we use Axxess and Phillip Hue for Motion 

  3. Hi all Strange one... I have a fairly old C4 system in place (~7 years old) using the previous Mode lighting units (CR-DR-DIM8-M). In total I have 5 of these units hence 40 circuits in total. From day one I have had 38 of those up and running perfectly, however I had one terminated unused circuit in my kitchen ceiling. I have just tried connecting it to a light fitting, but it's not coming on. The strange thing is that when I test the cable with a proximity tester against the wire, there is definitely a current passing as the circuit is turned on and off using Composer, however the beeping from the tester seems to be a faster rate of beeping than when I test against any other 240v cable. Any reason or diagnosis for this? Have tried connecting a basic working filament bulb so it's not the light fitting. I have identified the circuit on the DIN module and there's nothing obviously different there. Could the circuit be pumping out a different voltage that's not capable of powering a filament bulb? Doesn't make sense to me but clearly something is wrong. Any help would be great. Thanks..
  4. Dragging this one up again three years later.. 😕 This fell off the radar but back on. I have just had an EA-5 installed and have wired motion sensors in the ceilings. Problem is the EA-5 only has 8(?) dry contact inputs and I have around 18 sensors already across the house. How can I connect all these? I know C4 do the I/O expansion unit, but at £440 each it's really steep given I already know I won't be using any of the other additional inputs or outputs. What are the other solutions? Surely there will be many others out there where they have lots of sensors all online waiting for things to happen? Thanks vm..
  5. The irony of your timing... I literally have a new installer here as we speak. Figured that my HC300 is >10 years old and software was way out of date. 10 mins ago, he managed to update software which bought all the keypads back online (they were offline because of the zigbee was not communicating with the keypads because of out of date software...) I have the keypads that are configured in the 3 x 2 formation. This guy has been working on C4 for 7ish years and never even seen them before. Time for more spend in updating this old system, starting with probably a new EA-5, but really cannot fork out a while load starting all over again :/ Question for you installers... do people regularly rip out all buttons and boxes to update equipment every 10 years??
  6. Is that the HC-300 I have connected? Strange that I am able to turn heating on/off from C4 thermostats as usual though. Thry are Zigbee as well, aren't they? Does that provide any further clues to problem?
  7. Matt.. so have tried on two keypads. I had LEDs flicker, then a pink LED and now they seem to have changed all to blue LEDs, and green when I press. But still not turning lights on..
  8. @Matt - do you mean if I have any touch panels? Nope, don't have any, just keypads. And I don't have the app installed on my phone/tablet to operate either. @Theory - not sure where I find that out from. On the 'About Composer' screen the Composer app, it says Director version Jan 24 2012 16:53:38. And yes, they're the previous 2 x 3 version keypads (I *think* KPZ-6B1-B?)
  9. Hi folks. I have a problem that all of my keypads have stopped responding so unable to turns lights on. Everything has been working as required for 6 years up until yesterday. I have about 20 keypads (6 button type) across the house and the LEDs are all still glowing so power is going to them. When I press a button on any of the keypads, the lights respective lights do not turn, and the led colour doesn't change either. I can control lights from Home Edition loaded on my PC, so I know the system does still work. Thermostats work too so able to turn heating on and off. Recently (over past year) there has been times when the consumer unit fuse has tripped for other reasons. When I have switched back on, I found my keypads have delayed from activating the lights for longer periods. Whereas originally when I turned on the breaker back on the keypads would become usable straightaway, lately it took perhaps 5 mins before what I pressed would result in the respective light turning on. Now it seems like they just won't turn on. I have turned the whole system off from the breaker and restarted twice but still no avail. Any ideas what it may be? My installer has stopped trading ages ago so can't go to him. For info, if it matters, I have Virgin Media WiFi being pumped through a network switch to 3 access points; all of this is working fine. Please help!...
  10. P.s. it's the C4KP6ZWH style of button Thanks
  11. Hi. A relative came round and unsure how to operate the lights, he tried pressing harder on a keypad button. Button is now stuck more depressed than usual. Button still works but you need to push in an exact corner spot of button to turn lights on. How do you physically remove the button from the unit for me to see if I can free it up? Thanks vm..
  12. Hi Anyone know of any CO2 detectors that can be integrated into a Texecom (or other similar) alarm system? I want to add into intruder/fire system, rather than have standalone units. Ideally I'd like a combined heat/smoke plus CO2 single unit. Thanks Arjay..
  13. Ok, so let's go back to basics... Firstly... Last year, I posted this: http://www.c4forums.com/topic/15179-is-integrating-smoke-alarms-intruder-alarm-and-cctv-into-c4-really-a-good-idea/, where I wanted to know thoughts on integrating everything into C4. Then I posted so settled on Texecom It all sounded positive and doable so proceeded to find a local installer Since then, I asked around for local installers of Texecom systems, and found a chap who has integrated Texecom with other home automation systems, but not Control4. So I got him in for a site survey, and he recommended a system with 9 ceiling mounted motion sensors and 4 integrated heat/smoke sensors. He's also going to place the Texecom panel box next to the C4 comms cabinet, and going to provide a cable output (not sure of type) that can then be plugged into C4 system So, yes, I need to find a C4 administrator to add the alarm system into my C4 (given my previous installer has gone awol) Or are there concerns with any of this so far? Is the challenge for connecting C4 down to it being complicated or needing lots of experience? Obviously I'm not going to do this myself and happy for anyone to volunteer for this job that covers the Hertfordshire are in the UK ++++++ So then secondly... I separately want to add motion sensors across the house to manage other automation (let's ignore how many I want to add) If Texecom is talking to C4 via the connecting cable, then can C4 see the state of the individual motion sensors which it can then execute programming off? That then answers whether I can do the two installs (the alarm system, and automation sensors) separately, or whether I can leverage everything off the alarm system. And then this gives me hope anyway:
  14. Well, I want to limit to 18 hence the posting, but I get what you mean. And, in a big enough mansion... lol... Anyway, in which case, if I wanted a less stupid look, how do i make all this 'intelligent' automation all work without needing to press buttons?? Surely that's the point, no? I'm a newbie, so happy to learn..
  15. Hi I'm about to have an intruder alarm installed with ceiling mounted motion sensors (9 of them). It's going to be a Texecom system that will then get connected to C4. Separately, I want to install motion sensors in 18 different places across the house to manage lighting, etc. So question: Can C4 detect what is going on in the alarm system motion sensors and use these inputs for non-intruder alarm related programming, or is the intruder alarm system a closed system and C4 can't read the inputs from these? I want to clearly avoid the stupid look of having two sensors side by side on the ceiling if one can work for everything. Thanks..
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