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  1. Hi all Opening this thread up again. I have Polk Audio RC80i ceiling speakers in my rooms. They've got such good reviews across all places where I have read, and yet for me they are missing so much bass. If I turn my volume to even 10, they are pretty loud but they dont feel as deep or rich as I would expect, like the lower frequencies are being held back. Any idea what this may be and how to resolve? Given the general positive reviews and opinions around for the speakers, I dont think it's the speakers that are the problem, but instead some setting with the speakers. Any help o
  2. Thanks for that. It's actually even simpler than that.... in my Spotify on my own phone, I forgot to select "Listening on" > "Spotify Connect"... d'oh. All works now, and thanks for attempting to help!
  3. Hi - Up until last week I was able to use Spotify Connect to stream my tracks through any of the speaker zones. Not sure what has happened but C4 is somehow how linked to my son's Spotify account on his phone - whenever I click Spotify Connect, I get his library playing. How do I get it to revert back to my Spotify account? I have tried signing out of Spotify on both phones and re-signing in, but has no effect. Thanks
  4. Hi - I see that the EA5 literature says it includes a 10 band graphic equalizer, but how do I access it? I have 2.10.5 HE but can't find it on there - anyone know where it is? Also, my C4 8 zone amplifier has bass and treble setting for each zone. Along with the EA5 equalizer, are these the only two places where the speaker sound/tone can be adjusted? And does one take priority over the other? Thanks vm
  5. Hi there - Do you (or anyone) know how to technically do this? I thought this was possible when I did my house refit, and installed the following in the ceilings of all my rooms: https://www.amazon.co.uk/ELKAY-374B-1-Ceiling-Occupancy-Sensor/dp/B01N2AW78O. I even bought a bunch of Arduino Nano chips so I had enough input/outputs But my installer said that the sensors will not work as (I think) he said "they only switch on/off rather than sending the required signal". Can't remember exact explanation. I'm keen to know if it really is possible to install these, and whether my inst
  6. I still cannot find Composer HE . The only drop down I can find is for Media Composer On my account, I have 5 buttons at the top of the screen.. 'My Account' - sub-sections are User and 4Sight 'My Profile' - sub-sections are User and Permissions 'User & Devices' - Users, Devices, The Control4 App, and Desktop This Desktop section states: "Control4 MyHome for PC or Mac is an optional, licensed software application that allows the homeowner to use their laptop or desktop computer as an interface to manager a Control4 system. Beginning in April 2013, new s
  7. Thanks @msgreenf, but I cannot find a link anywhere on my account. The most I can see is the When > Then area which shows are the programming (but it's all locked as dealer only), and then there's a link in the My Account > User Devices > Desktop stating "Download the Control4 App - PC/Mac". When I download this, I get a .air file which I have never seen before (am assuming it is an Apple format). Then I have had to download an extractor (7-Zip) to extract, but there are no executable files in the resulting files. All seems very strange so perhaps I have got it all wrong.
  8. Hmmm... so is there somewhere (official) I can download Composer HE 2.10.5?
  9. ...and my system is running on 2.10.5 according to my Control4 account
  10. Hi I am unable to program my keypads anymore :( ... I can log into Composer HE and view the current programming assigned to keypad button, and I can also press the Execute button at the top of the screen to execute, but the entire right hand Actions panel is unresponsive... I can't scroll through the Devices tree, and the Commands and Conditionals tab are blank and cannot flip between them. In the middle Script panel, header says "Read only" (not sure I have noticed that before tbh) and the small green horizontal arrow on the left of each programming line is greyed out. Anyone
  11. Folks... all of this has been amazing help. Thanks very much. Think I'll stick with Dahua. Now it's just which camera to buy. @LollerAgent, thanks for the link to the wiki... certainly is the most comprehensive I've ever seen! One key advice is to buy a Starlight model, but naming conventions seem to vary at retailers. Do any on the digits on the model code signal that one is a Starlight version? I've seen the IPC-HDW4631C-A for £63 but the description doesn't mention Starlight. Wondering if you can decipher from the product coding? Note, I'm in the UK so need a UK retailer/mod
  12. Good advice... do you have any model numbers? Or link to a page showing details?
  13. Sounds great... that's the conclusion I was coming to. I already have cat 5's (I think) running to points, and I'm well trained enough to mount and wire them (though I may still dig out a video on YouTube that may help orientated before I get up the ladder!) I can terminate the other ends to the switch too, so just need the installer to add them to the programmer. Two questions then... Which cameras did you go for in terms of mp? The 4mp seems well priced so opting for that. And PoE means you only need the cat and no other wires, correct? And any reason you went for the Blue Iri
  14. Hi all I need to settle on a brand for cctv for the home. My installer suggested Lilin as they have integrated that before. Looking online, the cameras look almost identical for Lilin, and Hikvision and Dahua, but prices vary greatly. Are there real differences between the three brands, or are they in reality churned out from the same factory? Example camera I am considering is the Dahua N44CG53. (Dome 4mp, night ir, PoE, approx £60) Thanks for opinions...
  15. Hi - I saw your post re wired motion sensors.  I'm in the same boat - I have 20 locations I want to add wired motion sensors with Lux measuring so I can trigger other things based on readings from the sensors.

    Did you end up identifying a brand that you installed?  I'm in the UK so I need to ensure they are available here (I was going to get Axxess ones, but then the dealers called and we found out they are only available in the US!)


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