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  1. So I have the EDS driver and mine doesn't seem to work anymore. It does show the current state and I am able to use the chamberlain app ok. I have tried deleting and reinstalling driver but no success. Any suggestions
  2. Upgraded to the Ea5 about 3 months ago from hc800. Have not had any issues with the audio from the controller until a few days ago. All of a sudden I get no announcements nor and streaming audio such as tunein. Once I noticed I checked connections and programming and looked fine so power cycled controller and it came back on. 24 hrs later no audio again. Any clue on what might be causing g this all of a sudden
  3. Thanks for the advice on the experience button. Way better than the drop down custom button
  4. Does anyone know if a custom button can be created to turn on/off notifications and announcements. I have all of my doors and windows set to play wav file over speakers when they open, like an alarm chime. Trying to figure out if I could create a custom button on t3 to turn on/off either all announcements or just an isolated few. Would like to do this to with notifications as I don't really need them all the time. Any suggestions
  5. Which Marantz amp do you have
  6. Am looking for a 2 zone reciever that has 2 hdmi outputs with hdmi pass threw for the second zone. Bought a pioneer vsx 1131 but not happy with it. Cant have video on second zone without have main output on. Need some thing that is a true second zone. What I mean by that is that it acts as matrix and the second zone can be watching something different than the first. Any suggestions
  7. Rfk5564 not compatible with neo panel With this many wireless devices I would recommend an external Rf reciever as signal strength is stonger. You would only need gsm if you want system monitored by a monitoring station. If you set up notifications you can monitor yourself and anyone else you would want to get signals. My recommendation is if you want dsc system go with 1864 panel with it100, dw4975 contacts, ws4904 motions, rf5132 reciever and a simple pk5501 keypad if you dont have a touchscreen for your c4 system. If you want an alpha keypad that has zone discript go with pk5500. But like previously mentioned talk to your c4 dealer and see what they know how to integrate before buying all your equipment
  8. You can find everything you need on amazon.com if you want to try yourself but if you price it out you are probably better off getting a professional to do it. What area are you in
  9. Like I said your up front cost would be higher but no monthly payment as you would self monitor. I recommend dsc 1832 with it100. Your security installer will set it up as aa local system and your c4 dealer will integrate
  10. Also with bypassing bedroom windows, I have a configurable keypad in my master were if one of the buttons is pressed it automatically turns off all interior lights, turns off any audio or video zones and bypasses just the bedroom windows then arms system in stay mode. If I don't want to bypass any windows I just use my touchscreen or c4 app on any device
  11. I would not use a company that only does installs based on repeat revenue from monthly monitoring. Especially if you are going gsm (cell service since you don't have lan line) get in touch with a local alarm company to give you a local system (no monitoring) and get a hybrid system (hardwire and wireless compatible) installed close to your c4 equipment. I recommend dsc power series. Your up front cost might be more than adt offers as there will be no reaccuring revenue but now you won't be on a contract. Once you connect to your c4 system you can just set up notification to as many people as you like. And as long as you have a touchscreen you will not need to install another keypad just for alarm.
  12. Does your alarm work properly without the it100 connection ? If everything is showing open it maybe programming such as panel set for eol when should be NC loops
  13. If they are c4z drivers?
  14. I also use shaw boxes for my cable. Can I swap out the default logo to the shaw logo
  15. How do you update these icons as some have mine have automatically changed but for the worse