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  1. Just an update. Fixed issue by just deleting and reinstalling driver.
  2. And am using the houselogix domo driver with activation key
  3. System does have an alarm keypad and is being monitored over lan line. Client just wanted to recieve notifications
  4. Only 1 room for now. All binding done. Client has cameras as well but wants notification when system armed/disarmed. Rack is in isolated closet so not worried about dmage or dusty
  5. Have done a lot of these before but a project that I'm working on, I'm experiencing something strange. I have a ea5 with only an it100 (dsc1832) connected as client still in reno stages and want to monitor there workers. Have done all the bindings for devices. When I go onto the c4 app and open security, it shows me list of the device states only. Can not see screen that allows you to arm/disarm. Have check in composer and under navigator- security it comes up under motors and sensors. Any help would be appreciated
  6. Happy to say after the numerous messages I finally got a call back yesterday stating I will get refunded. Going to try out the myq driver and cross my fingers
  7. I understand that houselogix is just the seller of the product. My issue is getting in touch with the developer will not get me a credit or refund for the cost.
  8. The wink driver caused multiple projects of my to crash. Have been trying to contact houselogix for over 2 weeks but no response. This is why I am looking for another provider of drivers
  9. Are there any other sites to purchase drivers such as the myq driver
  10. No luck with multiple calls and emails
  11. Exact issue happenend to 2 of my accounts with only 1 myq garage door connected to each project. Also have an anouncement linked to when garage door opens and it wold just keep playing over and over without garage door opening. Removed and seems to be working fine. Trying to get in touch with houselogix to see if they will replace the activation keys purchased for just a myq key. Crossing my fingers that the myq driver doesn't cause the same problems
  12. Love this driver as it has chime and sounds exit/entry delays right from the t3. That being said, it is also annoying that it does this when arming it stay. Should only be for away. Is there anyway having the same as a dsc keypad- on for away, off for stay
  13. So I just did a vista20 panel installation so I figured I would try enrolling a 2gig contact (dw10) as i had 1 in my van and it didn't work.
  14. Linear contacts will 100% work with honeywell. Have never tried to use 2gig with honeywell. Also if you go with honeywell you will need an external reciever as the keypad reciever can only handle 16 zones.
  15. The resolution product should work. I have used this product multiple times. Never for 2gig to honeywell tho. If you seen pics of the internal unit you can see the different options for devices/panel types but will let you know that you don't always use the one that goes with what you have. I have noticed that dsc devices tran slate when on the interlogic option. Before you purchase find out if your contacts are actual 2gig or linear contacts as they look the same but I know a lot of tech use these as they work with honeywell. Part# will be hondwa01