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  1. Here's my code, can't believe how easy that was. This code is what runs if forget to set the house before candle lighting (I usually set it in the pantry with a keypad before I leave for shul, but sometimes I'm in a rush and my wife is still getting the meal ready and doesn't want to have to think about any of this stuff). My long term goal is to have this completely automated with another set of switches in my basement office with default times. Alan and I had a lot of back and forth to get the driver working and found out that my time zone wasn't set properly, so I wasn't able to use this driver with all of this autumn's holidays. The next batch is Passover. The goal would be for the system to automatically enter to Sabbath mode and be able to handle any of our multiple day events. The challenge is to make sure the system doesn't "leave" the Sabbath mode early if another holiday is coming right after the one you are in. The other challenge is to be able to set different time events for each of the possible days (day 1, 2 or 3). I've already have variables for holidays where odd things happens (Sukkhot - outdoor lights going on and off- Shavuot to handle the all nighter on the first evening). When I get this all ironed out I'll write up and post a white paper. Many of the guys who right the code aren't actually using/living with it, so my experiences should help a non-observant person create a system for someone who is. Many people but not aware of what can be done with the various technologies that are out there that can make the keeping of the holidays and Sabbath easier. Thanks again for the help.
  2. Thanks. I'm the guy who asked Alan to write the driver. Where/how does one find the IF time functions? I can't seem to locate them....
  3. C4 User, how does one test whether Sunset is before or after a time?
  4. OK, I already have the event that runs at sunset (this is for Sabbath programming). How does one implement "set “winter” variable to true if Sunset is earlier than 6pm and false if Sunset is 6pm or Later". Where/how do you say "current time < 6PM".
  5. So I'm trying to set the status of something based on when Sunset is. If we are in Standard Time, I'd like one of my macros to set a time for 10:30PM, but if we are in DST time, I want it to run at 11:30PM. I could even based it on Sunset - if Sunset is greater than 6PM then 11:30PM = true, else 10:30 PM is true. This should be easy but I can't figure out how to do it.
  6. Small bedside remote...

    Can you send a link/url?
  7. Is there a small "clicker" remote that one could integrate with a C4 system for use at a bedside - 1-3 buttons that could be linked to either a macro or lighting scene so you could turn off your house lights at night without have to play around with a large remote and/or an iPhone or iPad.
  8. Calculating Time...

    That's what I'm looking for as well as getting other times (like Sunset).
  9. rek, did you figure out how to do this and get it working? can you share the code?
  10. Calculating Time...

    Resurrecting this thread. Do any of your drivers have the ability to grab the current time and then perform math on it? i.e., assume its 1PM. hypothetical values are in [] I'd like to be able to do the following: Time now:=Current Time [1PM] Sunset:=Sunset [8PM] TimeUntilSunset:= Sunset [8PM]-Current Time[1PM] TimeUntilSunset would then be [7 Hours or 420 minutes] Then pass TimeUntilSunset to the Advanced Announcement Driver.
  11. Status of Timer

    Where can I see how much time is remaining in the timer?
  12. Status of Timer

    So I go to Programming - When "Basement Hallway" Level Changes? There is no "when On" that I can find....