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  1. Thanks, I'll look into the Routines driver.
  2. I don't want random schedules, I have them all with schedules and advanced lighting. I'll look into Experience buttons.
  3. We are entering a two day holiday in about an hour and my wife asked if there was a way to have the lights go off at a different time each night (i.e, tonight at 11:30 and tomorrow at 12:30). I have a keypad in my pantry which lists the times, but there is no way (other than spending a lot of money on extra switches) of handling multiple days. The maximum number of days where we can't touch electronics is 3 days, so I'd like to build an interface in a screen accessible on an iPhone or iPad for times when we have multiple days. Ideally you would have an option for 1 2 or 3 days, then depending on how many you would choose your time off. Is there anyway to do this inside of control 4 - in élan I could have created the buttons (but the behind the scenes code would have been awful). In c4 I can figure out the code quite easily, but can't figure out the interface. Thanks for any input and ideas, I'll be back online Wednesday evening.
  4. Correct. My dealer installed it.
  5. I found the Properties tab, if anyone has a link to the documentation that would be great.
  6. Where/how do you pick rooms and lights for recording and playback?
  7. Yes, I have HE.
  8. Is there a guide which shows how it works?
  9. What is the "best" way to control lighting when you aren't home to simulate you being there? My dealer installed the MockOccupancy driver, but there is virtually no control and I can't find any notes. While its nice that it seems to be recording what is happening, there is no way of auditing/viewing it (that I can see). If I have lights in the basement that go on during the day it would make no sense to have them come in when I'm not home. My old élan system had a separate "Away" mode and you could easily make schedules for that purpose. Unless there is way to control "mockoccupancy" it would seem I should setup some lighting scenes and schedules based on sunset, etc. Randomness would be nice, but not totally necessary.
  10. Seth, my goal is to disable the motion sensors all together during the Jewish Sabbath and certain holidays. Others have different needs/uses. If we can't disable to the sensors themselves I'd like to turn off Smart Home/Away so motion doesn't change things. Thanks.
  11. That would be great of Seth or Houselogix could incorporate those API's into the driver. In a perfect world the API would let us turn off the motion sensor for the screen as well (or at least change it to not change modes based on motion). Turning it off is OK, but it would be better to have it showing the temp so a gentile could actually use the thermostat if needed/necessary.
  12. Correction - if it wasn't using the motion sensor I'd be OK. Temp readings are fine. The motion is a direct trigger, whereas the temp is ambient.
  13. msgreenf; The problem with the new comfort setting is that you can't ignore the sensor from the main thermostat. It also doesn't help on Yom Tovs which occur randomly throughout the week. If I wasn't using their data and the screen wasn't changing then yes, I'd be OK.
  14. Guys, can their drive turn Smart Home/Away on and off? Can it turn the motion sensors on/off?
  15. So if I had an event each day called sunset, could I use your variable manipulator to work off that value to provide a "countdown" to sunset? Alternatively could I get it from the hebcal driver?