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  1. Calculating Time...

    That's what I'm looking for as well as getting other times (like Sunset).
  2. rek, did you figure out how to do this and get it working? can you share the code?
  3. Calculating Time...

    Resurrecting this thread. Do any of your drivers have the ability to grab the current time and then perform math on it? i.e., assume its 1PM. hypothetical values are in [] I'd like to be able to do the following: Time now:=Current Time [1PM] Sunset:=Sunset [8PM] TimeUntilSunset:= Sunset [8PM]-Current Time[1PM] TimeUntilSunset would then be [7 Hours or 420 minutes] Then pass TimeUntilSunset to the Advanced Announcement Driver.
  4. Status of Timer

    Where can I see how much time is remaining in the timer?
  5. Status of Timer

    So I go to Programming - When "Basement Hallway" Level Changes? There is no "when On" that I can find....
  6. Where does one look in Composer HE to see the status of a timer (not just start/stopped, but how much time is remaining). I'm trying to come up with a scheme to turn off my basement lights if there has been no motion after xx minutes and would like to see if the triggers that send a "reset" timer are working. Related to this, what is the best way to start the timer based on a light going on without using a keypad. There are lots of different ways the lights can be turned on down there (many keypads all over house), so I want to start the timer when "Basement Hall is on"
  7. Ecobee Integration

    Everyone, I just want to big a big shout-out to Liran and Ran from DriversLab, over the past 6 weeks they worked with me to workaround the issues with utilizing the Ecobee thermostats during the Jewish Sabbath. Although it would be much easier if Ecobee could/would add a preference for this, the solutions that Liran and Ran came up make the thermostats very close to being compliant with "halacha" (Jewish Law). I expect they'll roll out the update soon.
  8. Thanks, I'll look into the Routines driver.
  9. I don't want random schedules, I have them all with schedules and advanced lighting. I'll look into Experience buttons.
  10. We are entering a two day holiday in about an hour and my wife asked if there was a way to have the lights go off at a different time each night (i.e, tonight at 11:30 and tomorrow at 12:30). I have a keypad in my pantry which lists the times, but there is no way (other than spending a lot of money on extra switches) of handling multiple days. The maximum number of days where we can't touch electronics is 3 days, so I'd like to build an interface in a screen accessible on an iPhone or iPad for times when we have multiple days. Ideally you would have an option for 1 2 or 3 days, then depending on how many you would choose your time off. Is there anyway to do this inside of control 4 - in élan I could have created the buttons (but the behind the scenes code would have been awful). In c4 I can figure out the code quite easily, but can't figure out the interface. Thanks for any input and ideas, I'll be back online Wednesday evening.
  11. Lighting Schedules during "Away"

    Correct. My dealer installed it.
  12. Lighting Schedules during "Away"

    I found the Properties tab, if anyone has a link to the documentation that would be great.
  13. Lighting Schedules during "Away"

    Where/how do you pick rooms and lights for recording and playback?
  14. Lighting Schedules during "Away"

    Yes, I have HE.
  15. Lighting Schedules during "Away"

    Is there a guide which shows how it works?