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  1. But how do you select more than one line of code to copy?
  2. Guys, is there a way to cut and paste a group of code (i.e., you have a chunk of code linked to a button like that in the screenshot in the original post, but you want to move it into a macro).
  3. My installer hasn't yet installed the driver that Alan wrote. Also, there are times (particularly in the summer) when you "bring in Shabbat" early. Thanks for the tips, I'll write the boolean code. I was hoping it was built in somewhere.
  4. BTW, I already fixed the "execute shabbat" twice issue in the screen shot.
  5. So I have a keypad with six buttons that don't directly control lights, they are used to trigger macros/events for Sabbath light and house programming. They are Shabbat 10:30 11:00 11:30 12:30 Guest If you press Shabbat all sorts of variables/macros run, and the LED for Shabbat goes to "On" (and the default of 11:00 is chosen - this is for when lights start going off). What I can't figure out is how to have a second press of the button run Macros to take the home out of "Shabbat" mode. Here is a screen shot of how the "on" code works. I want to be able to just press Shabbat again to turn it off rather than use a button for "Off". SecondTapOff.tiff
  6. That stinks, I guess its important to name them well when you create them. Thanks for the responses.
  7. Within "Agents" how does one rename a Macro, Schedule or Timer? I'm running Composer 2.9.1 on Windows 10 inside of VMWare 8.5.3 on Mac OS 10.12.3.
  8. I'm in DFW airport waiting for a connecting flight and was able to test the code (opened the doors, watched thermostat status, etc.). All worked well Thanks.
  9. All good now, just need to get used to the way this work. Thanks for the help.
  10. So IS_SHABBAT comes from hebcal or is that a variable in the driver that you set when you see candle lighting?
  11. The reason my pseudo code would be easier is that its all on one place. This is a lot more than 3 lines of code. You have to setup a timer, go to both dear and create programing for open and closing, and then this snippet which happens to be three lines. Eddy, thanks for confirming that the nesting of Ifs behaves like "AND".
  12. OK, so my brain is soft. I see the logic working. If Left is closed, and then if Right is closed, then the stat goes to Auto. My concern was that it wasn't testing for Right, but its irrelevant as if Left is Open it won't turn the stat on. Is there a simpler way to do this? In normal code i would have written something like this? If Left is open or Right is Open BothDoorOpen := True End If If Left Door changes to Closed & Right Door is Closed BothDoorOpen := False If Right Door changes to Closed and Left Door is Closed BothDoorOpen :=False When BothDoorOpen = False & 5 minute have elapsed, Set Thermostat to Auto
  13. But if you nest them you aren't really getting an "AND" are you? I need to make sure both doors are closed before I turn on thermostat. If I nest it, I would need to do it twice, one with one door at the top and the other with the other door at the top (at least in traditional programming).
  14. Timer starts when the door closes. I want to make sure that the thermostat doesn't turn back until 5 minutes after both doors are closed. How does your logic help with multiple If - i.e., taking into account both doors (and the delay).