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  1. If I want to power the TV completely off so that motion doesn't not turn it on, do I just send Power Off? My dealer told me to issue two Power Off commands but sometimes it comes back on. When I turn it back on programmatically I want it to go right into Art mode but quite often it goes to TV mode (we have it connected to Tivo) and its on the Tivo screen saver.
  2. My dealer is reaching out to C4 to see if they have any ideas. I'm getting nothing for my booleans.
  3. Eddie, Alan sent me a new version last night that should fix the variable clearing problem, he said I could send to you and anyone else who is using it.
  4. Is there anything special I should do? Here is the output, most of these are booleans: Holiday Name: Yom HaShoah Cande Lighting Time: 19:14 Havdalah Time: 20:23 Shabbat Variable: 10:30: 11:00: 11:30: 12:00: 12:30: Yom Tov Name: YomTov Boolean: EndHoly: Sukkhot: Peseach: Shavuot: This event happened at : 4/15/2018 7:33 PM EDT Please do not reply to this email.
  5. They are coming up blank with the email agent.
  6. I'm trying to get the status of some boolean variables throughout the day via the email agent. I have them listed in the email, but they come up as blank. Do I need to convert the boolean to text for it to appear in an email?
  7. Eddie, I'm pretty sure I figured out the problem. If you check the status of the variables via an email or some other means (not checking the Properties tab for Hebcal), you'll find that the old values are not cleared. The last holiday was Yom HasShoah last week and it's still showing up in Holiday Name, and both Candle Lighting and Havdalah are populated with the times from last Shabbos. If Alan fixes that problem I expect the problems we have both experienced will go away.
  8. Eddie, I discovered something interesting today. I setup an email notification to send me the values of Hebcal at sunrise and it had times for both Candelighting and Havdalah this morning and it said today was Yom Hashoah, which its not. The gui did not show any of those items. I sent an email to Alan. There has to be something going on if the variables output in a macro is different than what is shown in the Properties tab in monitoring.
  9. I don't think we have a havdalah nor a candle lighting boolean variable , I test for it by searching for "NOT TODAY". Good idea, I'll set a timer to go off at sunset +42 and then check against havdalah does not equal not today. 72 is hardcore (I think that is Rav Tam). I'll make that change on Sunday, right now I'm not changing anything going into a two day Yom Tov. We need to convince Alan to spend a bit more time on this driver so we can see the variable name right here (amongst some other tweaks).
  10. I meant 2.9.0. Sorry.
  11. It would be nice if the Holiday Name was in here, I don't have the SNMP agent and am still on 2.0.9 so I can't see it.
  12. Eddie, Here's the output for today. I agree that we can't use the Yom Tov boolean because it doesn't turn True until its too late, so we have to work off of Cande Lighting and then the Holiday Name. Today and tomorrow are "normal" for me in that I let the lights go off at the Default of 11:30. What happened on your other jobs with Havdallah as trigger to revert back to "secular" mode? Other than firing later than I want (I want it to switch back at 42 minutes, Havdallah is about 10 minutes later).
  13. I had a problem because the zip code wasn't setup correctly - it took about 3 months to figure out what was wrong. Since then it seems to be OK. I figured out that Yom Tov problem and am working off the Holiday Name now, I just didn't want to take out all my old code. I just can't figure out what happened on Pesach I which was the second night.
  14. So Hebcal worked during the first two days of Pesach, it would be nice if we could move out of "Holiday/Shabbat" mode before Havdallah, but that's a minor nuisance. I'm trying to get fancy and have my lights off sequence change for certain holidays, particularly both nights of Passover and the first night of Shavuot. For some reason this code didn't work on the second day, which Hebcal calls Pesach I. I check Hebcal for the holiday name at Sunrise and the Light Time off code runs at Sunset. Sunset was around 7:15 PM on Saturday night, but when we walked in the door at 12:55PM every light was off which means that the lights off sequence had started at 11:30 PM which is the default. Technically it was Pesach II when the Light Off code ran, but the variable name was set at Sunrise and Hebcal checks at 3AM. I need another set of eyeballs on this to figure it out. The code is below, CheckYomTov runs at Sunrise, Light off Logic runs at Sunset. Technicall, when LightOff runs, the next day has started (i.e. Pesach II started at Sunset on Saturday, but I coded for Pesach I since Hebcal updates at 3AM and my Yom Tov name checker runs at Sunrise). I can't figure out why the lights started going off at 11:30 saturday night, maybe one of you can see something that I missed.
  15. I just figured it out, I was doing this the hard way. I just find "Candles" on the left/events and trust that it will work. That gets rid of a lot of code. I still don't know why my routine isn't working, but its not relevant.