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  1. So if I had an event each day called sunset, could I use your variable manipulator to work off that value to provide a "countdown" to sunset? Alternatively could I get it from the hebcal driver?
  2. Is it possible to figure out a time in Control 4. If I want to do something at a certain time, and then calculate how much time is left until the next event and use that different in an announcement, can it be done. I.e, If I know sunset is at 7PM, and someone pushes button at 5PM, can I play an announcement through speakers (with the Advanced Announcements Driver) that says "it is 5PM, sunset is in 2 hours at 7PM"?
  3. The problem is that I can't figure out what to do in the "create wav file" part of the manual. Here's a screen shot of what I've done. I'm lost at the wav file section.
  4. So my dealer installed Advanced Announcements for me, but I can't figure out how to get it to play through the speakers. I have the normal "Announcements" tab which plays .wav files and lets you choose which room to play them. I'm sure its something simple, but I can't find it.
  5. I have the Advanced Announcements Driver, I'd like to the text to speech function to "speak" the phrase candle lighting is at xx:xx (where xx:xx is 18 minutes before sunset). or/and candle lighting is in yy minutes at zz:zz. Is there anyway of doing that?
  6. That's what I'm going for but for now I'm do 4PM and 9PM. I'll deal with Yom Tovs later.
  7. My house goes into "Shabbat" mode in C4, so I was hoping I could change the status of the DVR through C4.
  8. If motion triggers the computer/camera/dvr to do something you are violating the rules of the sabbath. Not as bad a violation as lighting a match or driving in a car, but still something that should be avoided if possible. Continuous recording is fine since the motion/action isn't changing anything.
  9. On Monday my new dealer is supposed to integrate my Luma 16 channel brand new DVR into my C4 system. What kind of control can I expect to have? Will I be able to switch from continuous to motion sensing recording through a Macro? That's my primary concern (as with my other threads I'm trying to get the system to be as compliant with Jewish Sabbath rules as possible).
  10. I think I fixed my problem, I changed the polling frequency to 60 seconds from 5 minutes... hopefully it works.
  11. I'm having a problem with the driver not telling Control4 that a door has opened or closed. If I use Control4 to open or close the door then the macro works (turning HVAC off while door is open). But when I do it from the button at the door it doesn't seem to turn the stat off. It worked for a while. Any thoughts? Liftmaster app is still working properly (sending notifications, etc.). Not sure how to check the status of the door.
  12. So how do you set an LED to "nothing" when off. Now they are set to "White"
  13. Thanks, will look into advanced lighting with delays, didn't know it was possible.
  14. I figured out how to change the switches to Programmed. Will this work?