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  1. Stevestobo

    Heating Control - Multi Zone

    I have the Heatmiser integrated for 4 zones, two underfloor and two radiator groups but not individual radiators as I could not get radiator stats. Do heatmiser do one as there are none on their website, or did you use a third party rad stat if so which one
  2. Thanks, this looks like a great price. https://www.richersounds.com/yamaha-wx030-black.html Which model did you go for.. Just before I buy one, can I create a new zone link the MusicCast as an audio output and control from my T-3’s and control4 app and when playing music in my kitchen zone, can I add the MusicCast zone to get simultaneous synced music on both. Not looking to use a separate app or Spotify from a mobile I only want to use the control4 apps Thanks
  3. I want to add a new zone With a portable unit that I can take outside but still have full control over from the app and my T-3’s. I am maxed out on my audio matrix, I believe you can do this with sonos or heos, if so what would be the easiest to do it with and what drivers might I need to buy. I have looked through here but it was a little confusing, I don’t need Alexa control, just a zone that when selected plays the playlist from Spotify I have saved and the tunein stations. Thanks
  4. Stevestobo

    Control4 Intercom Anywhere App

    Any news on the app, rumours, dates?
  5. Stevestobo

    WTB UK light switch

    I am looking to replace the following UK light switches 2-off 3 switch switches 2-off 2 switch switches 2-off 1 switch switches these are to replace existing light switches may need remote programming as well.
  6. https://9to5toys.com/2017/12/12/clapboss/ integrates with IFTTT
  7. No Alexa is just another interface to use to control, much like touch screens and remotes that’s all. Alexa does not do anything special, it just takes a voice command and translates it to an action that fires it to a hub that connects to a device, hue, hive etc etc. Even with the skills they are doing the same thing, voice command, run app, fire command to hub etc etc. Yes I know they now come with hubs built in but it’s still doing the same thing. Alexa won’t even replace a remote control just compliment it. I love my Echo’s, I have 4, but they are just other ways of making the real clever stuff like control4 work better. They are just a better remote control, an upgrade to the clapper light if you wish and are not an automation product.
  8. My two pence worth. If Control4 are anything like many businesses who have a partner business model it has nothing to do with stopping end users like me having access to everything it is entirely about cost, profit, reducing risk and keeping your channel to market on board, motivated and to keep on selling for you. if you use partners you get reach, local support, built in sales force, marketing, network of their clients all without hiring your own people. If you deal direct you have to have follow the sun support for level 1, 2 and 3, larger marketing teams, dedicated end user sales reps, huge spend on marketing etc etc. In general a dealer only model is lower cost to setup, gives you a global reach, reduces running costs etc. But what has that to do with Full access to the software, simple, if Control4 wrote all the drivers and they were built in to the software, then we would have full access to install drivers, add hardware, etc, however as control4 have opened up their software to allow 3rd party written drivers to be installed it introduce huge risk and potential support issues. so in order to give us the great 3rd party drivers and the huge amount of drivers to support hundreds of different devices they lock that part out so only dealers can do it, reason being that the dealer is ultimately responsible now for supporting it, but more importantly it protects the dealer and guarantees him revenue for installing and/or selling the driver itself. Having worked for both vendors and dealers you need to motivate your channel to market to sell your products and not the competition, you can do that with the best product, most discount, deal registration, MDF, incentives etc. Or......you lock the software to the dealer and only allow him to install certain parts guaranteeing users like me to come back to them to buy more drivers and more stuff, perfect business model, reduce cost, reduce risk and have a motivated, loyal and profitable dealers that sell more. or Control4 think we are dumb muppets that can’t be trusted to wire a kettle let alone install anything. Oh, I fit in to this part, ask my wife and my dealer !
  9. A dhcp packet walks into a bar and asks for a beer. Bartender says , “here, but I’ll need that back in an hour!”
  10. What was this thread about anyway, was it not some guy asking for help on his misbehaving system or have we moved on to discuss business models. I wonder if he ever got it working, can’t even remember who he was and can’t be bothered to scroll through 200 posts to find out, maybe he will pop back
  11. Yes I am happy with this model, yes I have HE so I can make the changes I need but I want the comfort of dealers for installing drivers, I don’t change my tv very often or need to add new items. My dealer also does not charge me to install drivers only to buy them.
  12. Just curious as to the amount of reasearch was done before buying, the dealer I had was personally recommended and I used him on an old crappy opus system as well as called his reference accounts, understood his out of hours service and what I could expect In terms of support, basic stuff really but in hindsight well worth doing as he has proved to be great and very reliable. Yes I had issues (network as per my previous post) but once that was sorted “bingo” all worked fine. When spending tens of thousands on anything I research, validate and check not only what but who I am buying from, common sense really. except that MG mini metro (feel free to google) I bought in 1987
  13. I had a rock solid network for 4 years before i installed control4, no issues, ran multiple laptops, servers, iPads, multiple echo’s, IOT equipment, no issues, VOIP, Skype, video conferencing, no issues. Installed control4, intercom on T3,s did not work, Spotify dropped off, touch screens were flakey and too many issues to list here and I thought long and hard about returning the whole system my dealer said it was network issues, initially I thought, yeah right here goes he wants more money, how can this be as it’s worked for ages no issues, but, I changed the router to a Pakedge wireless WR1 router that was set up to control4 standards and every issue vanished, system has been rock solid ever since. I have asked plenty of questions on here and always got help, even purchased a few things too and find everyone is really helpful I am not a dealer, just a user
  14. Stevestobo

    T3 panel stuck on camera view

    Great thanks.
  15. Have a T3 stuck on a camera view that is initiated by a ring doorbell, how can I reset it. Thanks.