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Porting the Android My Home app to the playbook

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Just wanted to give an update regarding this.

I have NOT tried this with our PlayBook, as I just bought a new Google Nexus 7. But my smartphone is the BlackBerry Z10...and with the latest build of MyHome for Android, I was able to successfully port it over to the Z10.

The app crashes when you first try to pair it with your Control4 system, but if you go back into the app and enter the Controller's IP address manually, it works!

I have only tried to play music with our C4 system, mainly because we don't have any lighting or theater controls on it. I haven't had a chance to try the garage doors or the security system. And my 4Sight expired a couple of months ago, so I don't know if it works over 3G.

But at least its progress! :)

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Yeah, your blog was actually where I got the info, I just didn't have the link handy. :)

I just remembered discussing it in this thread way back when, and thought I'd post an update.

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I have managed to get this working on my Playbook.


It's an older playbook 32GB. I got a copy of the bar file from someone (had trouble converting it myself). It loaded fine using the DDPB tool but it kept crashing and forcing to close. These were the same issues commented on above by Stealth22. What I did was manually input the IP address into the app of my Control4 Director and it's worked beautifully. 


Totally chuffed. Now takes pride of place as a dedicated C4 remote/touch pad in my kitchen on a blackberry playbook fast charge docking station (£12 delivered on Amazon prime!)


Whoop :)

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