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EV Sonos / Pandonos drivers


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Reading the description of these drivers on the EV site, they sound very interesting but it is not clear if or how they work with iPad / Android / MyHomePC navigators.

Has anyone used the EV Sonos (and Pandonos) drivers with Android, MyHomePC or iPad navigators? How is it? What functionality is missing from those navigators when compared to dedicated Control4 touchpanels?

Thank you!

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I have EV Sonus, and I dont have any C4 touch screens, the missing bits are really cover art of your IPad, but you get that on MYHomePC and the ability to search for tracks. I also use Spotify as Pandora not easy to get in the UK which works well. I would recommend the driver as I m not sure there is a way to integrate a Sonus system otherwise without a lot of work.

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