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SOLD - For Sale or Trade - Like New HC300C-E-B


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Last week, I purchased a Control4 HC-300C-E-B as an upgrade to my existing system, which is under the exclusive control of an older HC300. My network is 1.8.2 and I don't have plans of upgrading for reasons I probably don't have to explain here. :) My plans of demoting my older HC-300 to slave and making the HC300C-EB my master Director were foiled when I discovered that the HC300C-E-B isn't downgradable to versions below 2.0.

The HC300C-E-B is like new, including the original box, packing materials and manuals/documentation. It works perfectly (assuming that you don't want it to be a primary controller on a pre-2.x network), and is currently online in my bedroom, where it is torturing me with its beautiful, yet useless to me, flash Navigator on my flat-screen on the wall. :)

It does not include a remote. If anyone has an older controller that will run 1.8.2 sitting around that you are interested in trading for my HC-300C-E-B, I would be very interested. I would consider an even trade, especially if the older controller also came with a remote capable of running Zigbee Pro, though that's not a deal-breaker.

Otherwise, the HC-300C-E-B is for sale. I will accept the first reasonable offer and ship immediately.



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