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Sanp AV B-210 to an aussie please


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Hi I am in Sydney Australia and have been reading about the Snap AV products, they seem to be good quality and work out of the box. Most of you on here seem to agree.

Having trouble finding alot of information about them especially from end users when i stumbled accross this forum. I have read the few threads there are here and I'm pretty keen on getting my hand on Snap AV's 4x4HDMI 0ver cat5/6 matrix

Problem is I can’t buy direct from Snap AV nor from Australia due to the fact they only sell to installers as you are all aware.

I need a system that will do HDMI over cat5/6 to 4 displays with IR passthrough over two cat 5/6 cables. I am aware they have a new model out thats over one cable but I'd prefer with my setup to go over two cables.

Is anyone her able to get there hands on a matrix and baluns and are willing to ship to Sydney Australia. I did have a couple of guys i contacted direct from on here contact me and to which I replied back to them to show my interest but I have had no reply since. Maybe its the weekend over there still.

I need :

B-210 4x4 matrix switch with baluns for 4 displays + 4 x targets and emitters.



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What sort of price are we talking.

I got a price from down in melbourne for the B-210 and it was 2.5 times the price of what I can get the B-300 for in the states. I know we pay more down here but 2.5 times is a little over the top and hard to justify.

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I posted this in my other thread as well, sorry if its in two spots. Mods delete this thead if you see no need for it. ;)

Seems most guys cant get there hands on B210 baluns, speaking to the guy i know here who tested the B-210 he seems to think the B-300 would be ok for me as I only have short Cat6 runs.

So sorry for the long winded responses previously. I'll keep it short.

I need:

either a B210 or B300 4x4 HDMI over Cta5/6 matrix

4 x matching baluns

4 x matching targets

4 x matching emitters

postage to Sydney Australia.

If all goes well due to an Australian forum I am on there will be a few more people interested in similar setups, look like I'm the guinea pig yikes

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