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  1. Not quite as easy finding one that will send to Australia!
  2. Ok, yes the version for os3 was available at the time, not feasible for everybody to replace all toch screens etc. It's ashame you have changed your mind on fixing the driver.
  3. Hi Ari, I have followed this up a couple of times with no response from you. In September 2019 you hopoed to have a fix to your driver for 2.10 in around 1 week. Now 5 months or so on, can you please update me on when you expect this fix to be completed?
  4. So you're running a gen1 Echo, that is why it's working for you as i said. The rest of us are still waiting on a fix!
  5. 1) No it does not, it stopped working months ago after an Amazon update and now only works on generation 1 Echo's that did not update. An update was indicated back in September that was expected in about a week at the time. Requests for when this may now be ready have fallen on deaf ears.
  6. Hi Ari, That’s a nice offer to those two who are affected. It does however not give all others much hope. You indicated to me back in September that you had hoped for a fix within a week. A fix to this would still be desirable, can you please update us on this?
  7. Hi Ari, Have you an update on when you now expect this may be resolved please? Regards, Bryce
  8. Check Epic Systems website, a recent Amazon update broke the driver. I'm still waiting on a response to my question as to when there will be a fix in place for pre OS3 systems. It is taking a while!
  9. OK, so now all seems with the driver, but NOTHING works No lighting at all!
  10. Update, i have just performed an update to the same version it was on for the last 2 weeks from local. It appears to have solved the issue at the moment!
  11. when i copy and reset the licence key from their website it goes through the activating stage then reports as licence key invalid!
  12. Hi Jackstone I was wondering why my leds stopped working a couple of days ago, when i checked the driver is says offline (I rebooted the DMX controller) but I also notice that the licence key now says invalid. I removed and replaced the licence key and still the same result. Have you any idea why this could be?
  13. I used many 24vdc awning window motors connected to my alarm system that is integrated with C4. The motors are from an ASSA Abloy company in New Zealand, Interlock. It looks like they have a newer model (Interlock Elevation) Mine have been faultless for 5 years so far.
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