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Additional Controller for Media Room?


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I am in the process of outfitting my new media room which is phase 2 of my C4 project. The media room is pre-wired and is separate from the main rack.

Phase 1 provides audio to 7 zones, video to 4 zones, security system, camera dvr (4 cameras), garage, gate, thermostats, and front door (no lighting yet). All these components are located in a rack in my study closet. My system currently includes (2) HC-300's, (1) C4 V2 8 Amp, and (1) I/O extender. One of the HC 300's is strictly distributing the Navigator (which I seldom use) via my 4x4 matrix. I understand that it was configured this way due to the number of screens that could run the navigator (4) and the fact that running the navigator on the same controller would slow down the system. Since I seldom use the navigator I am debating weather I should relocate the HC 300 running the navigator to the media room (leaving a component cable running back to the main rack and into the matrix. I don't plan to use the navigator in the media room much either. The question of the day is: Should I just save the hassle and add an HC 200 for the media or does it make more sense to relocate the HC 300?

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