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In-wall touchscreen - PoE issue


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This one is driving me nuts, and was wondering if I could get a couple of thoughts from the members here on the board...

I have 4 PoE touch screens deployed in the house. All are PoE. 1 of them, however, refuses to power up when connected inside a particular wall box in the basement.

Wiring is:

Wall box -> Patch Panel (30 feet away) -> 24 port PoE midspan Injector -> Cisco Switch

When panel is plugged into the wall box: nothing.

When panel is plugged into the PoE midspan: all is good.

Makes me think the wall box -> patch panel cable is faulty. But, putting a cable tester on the line, I get a perfect connection. Also, plugging in my laptop to the wall box gets me linked, and I'm on the network.

So, that tells me wires 1-3 and 2-6 are working. So, it's a faulty wire (4,5,7,8), except, when I plug in my Cisco VoiP phone (which is also powered via PoE) it works.

I know the in wall unit works, because it boots when plugged into the midspan directly. it works when plugged into any of the other 3 wall boxes.

I know PoE works, because the Cisco phone powers up.

I know network works, because my laptop links.

The only thing that doesn't work, is a PoE touch screen plugged into that particular wall box.

It's starting to drive me nuts.

Any thoughts?



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It's possible that the power negotiation isn't getting through somehow. The touchscreen is a pretty high-power PoE device, the phone probably not as much.

I'd re-terminate both ends and try again.

The other possibility is that the particular touchscreen has a PoE issue.


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