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For Sale: Control4 Stuff


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All Control4 Stuff is on version 1.7.4- All used from my personal home.

1-white dimmers-$70/piece SOLD

5-white Switches $70/piece SOLD

1- 2button keypad $80 SOLD

2-Black Mini POE Touch screen with retro fit box- $50/piece SOLD

1-White Mini table top touch screen-$50 SOLD

1-Card Access Relay-$60 SOLD

2-C4 Thermostats-$150/piece SOLD

all items costs include shipping.

If you have any questions drop me a line.

You can check my feedback on ebay or audiogon through the screen name manutdsoc20.

If someone buys three or more switches I'll throw in a mini touch screen.

Cheers manutdsoc20-Jason

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