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problem losing programing


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I have a fairly large system, there is alot going on with it. I seem to have different problems almost daily. It started with my sr250 would not forward my dvr programs only reverse. Then all of my movies from the browse menu on gui are gone, I had to re scan and now all of my info and most of my images will need to be redone. Now i have lights coming on at various times. For example when I got home my master bath light was on, the other morning the I come down from upstairs my living room lights are on about 20 %. Last night my patio down announcement played as if it were left open. Tonight, the proch lights continue to turn on as if running the programming when the door opens. I turn it off and it goes back on.

I completely unplugged everything waited 10 minutes and plugged it back in. Still having ssues.

Thanks for any response.

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How old is the project, what OS ver. and controller(s)? What does "alot going on" entail?? Under System Diagnostics, where is CPU Usage and Memory? And, finally, what wireless devices do you have in the vicinity?

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i am on 1.7.4 i have 2 hc300 1 hc1000 about 35 dimmers, 12 contact sensors. 2 motion, 7 tvs 2 amps, 1 audio switch, c4 tuner, 2 other tuners/reciever 2- 10inch touch 3- mini touch

cpu 23% memory 140 meg.

I just programmed the sr250 to use the # and the +/- for skip forward and search forward. Could the remote button not work? Is that something that could happen?

I have a child baby monitor within 20 feet i think it is 2.4

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