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Off site ftp server for Security Spy


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I'm looking for an easy to use web based server to upload images from Security Spy

What I want is a site that mirrors what is recorded by my own SS camera server.

I used to simply use iDisk, but Apple is closing this down when they move everyone to iCloud from mobileme...

I've tried iDrive for mac, but this doesn't do it for me...

Security Spy has settings that allow you to upload images/movie clips to an ftp server

Does anybody know of a great ftp based server, at reasonable cost, which works seamlessly with Security spy, capturing images as they are formed so there is no delay (for obvious security reasons)?

Also if you set up such a server, and tick the "upload to" box of the motion capture setting in SS *in addition to* leaving the "capture movie" box checked....can you upload and record to your own server at the same time?

Hope this makes sense


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