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  1. Do you have any motion sensors? If so do you use them in programming? Curious if this works well. I have an old Vista ICM and have programming hooked up to the motion sensors.
  2. This product was abandoned a LONG time ago 2010 to be exact. It's been dead so long even 3rd party services that stepped up after the initial discontinuation have stopped service. The "latest" firmware for this thing is: in2 fusion image_2.8.0 - Tue Dec 30 09:55:28 MST 2008 http://services.in3myhome.com/VistaIcmDiscontinuation.pdf There is no 3.x support for this.
  3. Racking my IO IO Extender V2 (C4-IOXV2) and can't find the rack ears. Anyone have some in a box they are not using?
  4. Sorry to resurrect this old thread. I'm having a similar situation. EA-5 and have a component matrix. Have an HDFury to make the physical connection work. If you were to use the houselogix driver as suggested above - how would go about linking things so you are able to select the EA-5 as the On Screen Device? Nial - how did you end up solving the problem? Any help would be much appreciated.
  5. Is the WB 700 on that list of models with known flaws? Read on this board the 600's had some issues. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  6. Did not know the 6 outlet wifi power strip product existed. Thank you for the tip!
  7. I hate to drop another $170 into another DL switch if Wattbox does not have these problems.
  8. I've used 3 Digital Loggers Web Powerswitches over the years, and 100% of them failed after about 5-7 years. I get that 5-7 years is a decent run, but 3/3 have been replaced for product failure, not due to upgrade. My Control4 outlet switches have a much better failure rate, but part of the things I want to be able to bounce is Control4. Are Wattboxes any more reliable? Do they last longer?
  9. I finally found it - crazy this isn't out there anywhere. Found someone who had it in a Phillips Pronto remote project.... had to get the software, open up that project and extract the IR Code. DirecTV HR22 DVR Button Code: "0000 006C 0001 000A 00E6 002E 002E 002E 0017 0017 0017 0017 002E 0017 002E 0017 002E 0017 0017 0017 002E 0017 0017 0477 0073 002B" I've attached the new driver. It's 99% Control4 OEM, and I just fixed the code in the DVR Button. satellite_HR21 _IR__DIRECTV.c4i
  10. I currently have a DirecTV HR-22 and the DVR button does not have the correct IR code. All the IR drives I've found seem to use the same HEX code for the Menu and the DVR Button. The Native DirecTV remote supports a DVR Button, and even Harmony remotes support this function via IR. The DVR box is slow and if the driver had the correct HEX code, it would save a lot of time browsing through different menus to get to the DVR menu daily. Does anyone have or know where to get the correct HEX Code for the DVR Button of a DirecTV HR22-100? The hex code the driver uses now is: "0000 006b 000a 000a 00e6 002e 002e 002e 0017 0017 0017 0017 002e 0017 0017 0017 0017 0017 002e 0017 002e 0017 0017 0483 0073 002e 002e 002e 0017 0017 0017 0017 002e 0017 0017 0017 0017 0017 002e 0017 002e 0017 0017 0483" Any help is much appreciated.
  11. I ended up going with a Lorex/Flir 4k system. Not sure how to integrate it quite yet. The NVR is a 9000 series. Figure worst case scenario I can input the HDMI into my matrix. Cyberweek 25% off sale so I thought I'd give it a shot.
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