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  1. Thanks Dunamivora. That's what I figured. Was just checking to see if there was an alternative or workaround. I'm using and a Triad 8x8 matrix and 8 zone amp.
  2. Have a client who wants two cordless speakers out at his pool and have it intergrated with the rest of the zones in the house. We went with heos wifi speakers that work great for controlling through C4 but I'm unable to add rooms to the music stream. C4 support said the reason is because I'm using the heos media player and not C4 player in that zone. I've tried adding heos player drivers to other rooms to try and get it to link that way but with no success. Is there any other options I have. Was thinking going the Sonos route but feel I'd run into the same issue.
  3. Also interested in Sylvania integration. Wanting to switch from Smartthings to Control4 but Sylvania and Google integration is holding me up since I have 6 bulbs and 2 led strips, plus 6 Google Assistance, 3 chromecast audios and 3 chromecast.
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