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New to C4 Thermostats...help with programming

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SO, I'm new to C4 thermostats and to having my HVAC integrated in to the system.

I was going to attempt to setup a page of buttons on PocketKeypad, where each button represented a different block of time for how long the house would be empty. This way, if my wife is leaving for two hours, she can push the two hours button and it will turn off the HVAC system for 1 hour 45 minutes, and also notify her if any doors/windows/etc... happen during the next two hours. It is the HVAC part that I'm having trouble with. My thought was to use string variables to capture the current state of the HVAC system, and then use those string variables to restore it to it's previous state at the end of the 1 hour 45 minute timer.

HOWEVER, when I go in to Composer, under the Thermostat, every variable is there 3 times! For example, "Fan Mode" appears under "ANA_FANMODE" "FAN MODE" and "V1 FANMODE".

What the heck do these different variables mean? Which one should I use to capture the current settings? I can figure it out through Trial and Error, but I figured there must be someone here that would know.

Is anyone else doing something similar? If so, how do you have it programmed?

Thanks in advance.


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