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17+ years of Audio/Video experience, 5+ years of Control4 design, installation and programming. Servicing Calgary, AB and surrounding areas.

References available upon request.

Technadian Inc

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I saw their stuff at CEDIA. Doesn't look too bad, as far as the UI goes, but I think it *only* does basic control, and has far smaller range of devices it can control.

It made me wonder why Global Cache didn't do something like that themselves, but I suppose they live on the good graces of their partners, and wouldn't want to compete with them.


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Yeah, I really meant things like AV switching, multi-room audio, etc.

On the 'control' side, they likely have some room for improvement, but it's interesting. There were a handful of iPad-only or 'small-system' type things that all used the GC for IR/Serial at the last couple of shows.


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i though u werent allowed to solicit control4 services on here???? 


It's in the looking for an integrator section.


What's the point of bumping the thread?  To say Claire Controls is still in business?  To say Control4 is still in business?


I just don't get it.




People bump threads because it's assumed the closer they are to the top, the more they are seen... and not many people reply to 2+ year old inactive threads, I know I don't.

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This thread is quite old. Please consider starting a new thread rather than reviving this one.

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