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Audio to multiple locations


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So Sonos outputs analog and digital signals simultaneously and I'd like to take advantage of this...


Sonos Coaxial Digital ---> Onkyo Receiver

On my receiver I've currently configured my AUX to use HDMI from my cable box and COAXIAL DIGITAL from Sonos, this allows me to still control the content on my TV while listening to music.

Sonos Analog ---> C4 Audio Matrix

This would allow me to still distribute audio to other zones from the family room sonos player.

So the question... When I select my Sonos in my living room can the programming be done so that all of this works together? The matrix does not control volume in the family room, it only does routing, the receiver does volume control.

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You have helped me heaps over the lat week or so!! Can I reciprocate? :D

I am pretty sure this can be done in Composer Pro programming (not sure about HE) if the correct inputs of the receivers and matrix are controlled by Control4. I don't know for certain, because only dealers get to play with composer pro.

Anyway when I select play "x" track with the EV Sonos driver, AlanC (my dealer) has got my Linn Receiver to switch inputs to the correct digital input that the Sonos ZP80 is attached to..all with the one button press.. Volume is then controlled by the Linn.. (I have Sonos fixed volume output set here)....So this is the equivalent to your Onkyo setup. Of course to get this to work, the Onkyo would need to have the correct C4 Driver.

As the C4 matrix is a C4 product I assume this would probably be able to be dragged into the logic macro as well..

So I am kinda 90% sure what you want can be done...... but don't you need composer Pro?... :)

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It's a case of I want to be able to do something that my dealer wasn't sure could be done, but they admitted they didn't know and they would be willing to play with it to try to get it to work. Before they started to "play" I wanted to have a good idea if it was possible as "playing" will cost money. I have no problem paying for something that works, it's paying for something that won't work that I dislike.

Thanks for the input

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^ Don't hold me to this. I'm by no means sure. The Linn<>Sonos integration is all via their IP drivers.. it might be something special EV have done.

You've actually highlighted a weakness in connecting Sonos to a HT receiver.. (no IR blaster within Sonos architecture ) ..it's another frequent request on the Sonos Forum ..and again often hounded down.."Now why would anybody want to do that?" is often the reply...but lets not go there :rolleyes:

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^ If you can't get things working via drivers or Composer pro: in your listening room with the Onkyo, there are the following physical workarounds:

Double up on speakers with a ZP120, or a power amp with line level autosense attached to a ZP90...Rotel make some beauty's like the RKB 250 (This is what I currently do in one room)

Use A Russound Automatic A/B Speaker selector AB-3.2 to share the stereo front pair speakers attached to the Onkyo with a ZP120 (I have just bought one of these off ebay for another room with the same problem) They aren't expensive...around $100 bucks on ebay. Might be even cheaper than C4 programming labour..


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I will take a shot at this, but it is tough without seeing the connections/controllers/etc in Composer...

Is the Onkyo Receiver providing Audio for the Living Room?

Is the Onkyo Receiver connected to the Audio Matrix Switch?

If the Onkyo is connected to Audio Matrix as the "Audio Endpoint", then you should be able to output Analog from the Audio Matrix to the Onkyo.

To output both connections simultaneously you can configure a Room Programming in Living Room like the following:

If Audio Device is Sonos

Set Onkyo output to AUX

Then you just have to add other rooms to take advantage of the C4 Audio Distribution. Hopefully not too confusing.

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