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wifi connection to composer he


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the other day I tried to open Director on my local network but my project did not show up on the Directors list. I have two wifi networks, and I think I figured out that I have to be logged into one of the two wifi networks (when I logged out of the network I was on and logged into the other network, my project was listed, so I could select it and the project loaded). I don't see anything in Director that specifies a specific wifi network, and since I would like to understand this better, where would the wifi network be specified? Thank you. Dan

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It doesn't, but if you use two routers/dhcp servers only whatever wireless is connected to the same router as the system controllers will show the director (main controller).

Use proper access points if this is the case.

Beyond that, I've seen speed/bandwith issues cause controllers to not appear or, if they do, stay connected to the laptop on one wifi but not the other.

Simply put - if you are NOT on the same IP range and (v)lan as the main controller - you can't connect.

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