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Network media players - Dune vs. Popcorn Hour vs. Mede8er


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Just looking for opinions from people who have a network media player to play bluray ISO files from a network storage. (I use DVDFab)

I currently have a Drobo and use a Dune to stream throughout my house and it works perfectly.

So for my theater:

I did buy a Pophour V8 and it was awful for the pauses trying to play some bluray ISOs and had no bluray episode menus for TV series bluray playback.

I then purchased the Popcorn Hour A400 for the 3D playback ability (currently using my PS3 for my 3D blurays but would like to move all media to network storage). Worst media player I've used thus far. Forget about streaming 3D it doesn't even work on half of my regular 2D bluray ISOs that play perfectly on the Dune.

Does anyone have an opinion on the Mede8er brand for playback of 3D bluray ISO? I've heard they work perfectly.

If 3D ISO playback is not a possibility right now I'm thinking of just getting another Dune or Popcorn Hour C300 which I've heard is rock solid.

I would like the following if at all possible:

1) full bluray menus on bluray ISO (Dune has)

2) no stutter at all in playing regular 2D bluray ISO (Dune has)

3) 3D playback (which player can do this reliably?)

4) ability to play Cinavia protected blurays on built in bluray player in the media player if possible (can Dune, Popcorn Hour products, or Mede8er do this?)

Also, is there any difference in video/audio quality in the Dune, Popcorn Hour, or the Mede8er?

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I don't think there's a model of Dune yet that can do 3D. Despite my h1 saying reald, the support is less than stellar on the chipset. The Base3D may be different but it's preorder. *edit* the base 3d will not do bd menus.

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