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Composer HE remote director not showing controller


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I'm away from home over the weekend and was logging into my Composer HE 2.3 software remotely....

Everything logs in ok except when I get to the Directors list, it is empty.... when I'm at home I have no issues logging in.

I think this is the first time I've logged in using the 2.3 software remotely....

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Known issue. It should eventually show back up. I have a thread with a lot of discussion on it.

Where is the post? I looked under your posts but didn't find anything...

I'm having trouble connecting again this morning remotely. Last night when I finally could connect my security keypad doesn't work or display properly. Using Web Navigator through MyControl4 I can use it normally....

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Same problem has reoccurred. I'm not able to remotely access my project through Composer HE (I have 4Sight subscription) with the 2.4 version. I get the error "Failed to initialize the network interface".

However, when I use Composer HE 2.3 I am able to access my system just fine.

And I am running 2.4 software.

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