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Set an LED based on wake up scene being active

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Basically my sudo could would look something like:

If Master wake up scene enabled

Set Master 6 Pad LED 6 to Orange

If Master Wake up scene Off

Set master 6 Pad LED 6 to Off

On Press Master LED 6

Set Wake up scene master to Off

I know RyanE wrote a driver to do the second part, it's the first I can't figure out

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Have you tried this? Looks like it should work. I would do a toggle the master scene on button press. Then you can tell if it is on or off based on the led color.

you could also try

Feb-07-2013 11:28 AM



At my house i wanted to automate that procedure so i have some accent lights in my room that turn on at 8pm via a scheduled event. If i manually turn the lights off it activates my wakeup scene. If i don't manually turn off the light by 1am (im not home) then the wakeup scene doesn't execute.


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