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Programming Input2 of my C4-16AMP3-B multizone amp?

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Hi Everyone,

I hoping some Control4 guru will be able to asisst here with programming to allow a source to be connected into Input#2 of my Mulizone amp to allow music to be outputted onto one of my zones. I am trying output the tunes from the iPhone pandora app using the headphone output from the iPhone connected directly into the Input2 of the Control4 Multizone amp.

Currently l have Input1 being used from the output of my C200 controller and that works fine i.e. Rhapsodity and my music files stored on the network are selectable from my Control iPad app.

I would have thought this would be a simple task getting my tunes to be outputted from using the Mutizone amp's input 2.

Hopeing someone could please assist with a few programming steps/screen shots to get this operational.

Thank advance :)

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or simply drag-in a common DVD driver if the iPhone is local to you and you don't mind working the shuttle controls from the iPhone.

Thanks Controlfouruserguy, l've connected a up DVD driver and have made it's output connected into to Input2 connection of the Multizone amp. Still not sound coming for the Multizone amp. Is there anything additional that l need to program?

I've attached a couple of screen-schot showing my connections




Thanks again for your help :)

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Program to select that "DVD" (you can rename it to iPod) in the room associated with output 1 instead - right now the system has no clue anything is PLAYING yet - so it doesn't unmute the output, nor will you have volume control.

Under the room on the right hand side select audio source [ipod]

Will show as: "Select the [iPod] as the audio source in [Room]"

This instead of "connect audio output 1 to..."

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