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Intercom Events

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Are there any events for intercom?

Eg. I'd like to trigger an announcement or pop a TV with a camera image when someone pushes the door station button.

There doesn't seem to be any events on the 3rd party sip driver or the intercom agent.... Am I missing something?

Are there events on the C4 Door station?

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OK - that explains it. I dont have the C4 Door Station, I have a 3rd party door station and thus the 3rd party driver, which no events....

I thought I found a workaround though, but it appears there is a bug in 2.4

On a TS there is an incoming call event, then I test with an IF statement who the caller is.

Despite having IF statements for all three possible callers, none of them get to be true when a incoming call is registered.

If I remove the if statements the event is definitely firing... but I cannot create individual programming depending on if it was Door A or Door B.

Can anyone replicate this issue?

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