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Theatre Lighting & Playstation 3

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I was wondering if someone can help me tackle a problem.

I am trying to implement the theatre lighting scene found on C4 DIY http://www.c4diy.com/how-do-i-have-the-lights-automatically-turn-on-when-i-pause-my-current-video-source/

I`ve followed those instructions very well, but it does not work with the PlayStation 3 as it`s my only source in that room. It works if I do hit play/pause on the SR250 but that isn't linked to my playstation and not sure if that's possible. I would also have to assume there would be some sort of programming with autoplay as well since the PS3 jumps on right away.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Not entirely clear what you want or what's not working - you say when you press pause and play it works? Then it works.

You use the PS3 remote or controller to pause/play and it doesn't work? Well it won't, as that way the system will not know the PS3 is being paused etc. This sort of feed-back function would require a 2-way driver, either 2-way serial or IP, neither of which is available for PS3.

You'll need to get the PS3 on the system and use the SR-250 for movies - there's a few drivers around, my Harmony one, some other usb based ones as well.

Edited to clear up what my battery starved keyboard messed up.

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godzilla, I use the ps3 controller.

cyknight, the PlayStation is on the control4 system, and it's a local source in the theatre room. When i press pause or play on the sr250 the lights do turn on and off, but pause or play does not actually pause or play any movie being played with the ps3

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