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I have just updated my controller to 2.4, Tune In is one of the new features I would like to try out.

I am not getting any audio and I would assume that its a binding issue in Composer/Connections that I'm missing. Since I have never used any of the Digial Audio Clients or media connections before this is probably where I have made my mistake. Please advise on all bindings as again this is my first time.


In System design I have TuneIN

I have audio out connected to my amp

In navigator, got the Registration Code.

I created a tunedin account, have Control 4 as an associated device

What bindings are needed on the following if nessessary:

Home Controller HC250: Audio/Video Inputs, Digital Audio Client? Audio/Video Outputs, Digital Audio output?

TuneIn: Audio VIdeo Inputs, Digital Audio Client? Digital Audio Output?

Digital Media: Digital Audio Input? Digital Audio Output?

Was their anything else I should be doing?

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