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Simple Question I hope

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I have 3 zones of audio that I control only with a six button remote. I just got a 250 so will be using tunein where I used to use shoutcast. I will try and explain my problem the best I can.

On the six button I use button six to select what station I want by adding a 1 to the variable. In the variable I select the station based on variable count. That works fine.

The problem is I only want to add to the variable when tunein is selected because I also use the button to change to the next song. When I go to conditionals and select to only add variable + 1 when tunein is selected but when I do that it will not add +1 to variable when tunein is selected.

I know that is probably hard to follow but I need to know what conditional I can use to only add to variable it tunein is selected.

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It should see it as if it's playing "Digital Media"

Ok so is creating the variable the best way to do what I want.

If playing off nas I want button 6 to be next song skip forward. If tunein I want button 6 to add on to the variable. It's the only way I can think of because both of those options show up as digital media.

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