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Snap A/V 8x8 Matrix


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Well, I have another extra Snap A/V 8x8 Matrix switch: http://www.snapav.com/p-1073-b-100-hdmatrix-8x8.aspx

I also have 3 x HDBaseT Extenders: http://www.snapav.com/p-1326-b-500-ext-230-rs.aspx

This stuff is sitting here...the box has never been opened. They are still under warranty...purchased about two weeks ago. If I can't sell them quickly, I'll just return to Snap A/V but that is a hassle for a whole bunch of different reasons. I'd rather just sell them here, so if you're interested please make an offer.


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I am getting the feeling that Snap AV does not allow internet sales.

Either that or Dan keeps buying the wrong product for his house

Again and again

Wrong, and wrong. I can put you in touch with the buyer of the last one if you want.

This was to be used by me in a second home, but decided against it.

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Here's a shot of the product for any skeptics.

Like I said, this was intended to be used in a 2nd home. If I can't any offers/interest by the end of the weekend, I'll just leave it down here and install it next time I come down.

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^ Looks like a nice piece of kit Dan.

They're great. I have the same thing in our main house, but with more HDBaseT extenders.

It's a sweet unit, and those extenders rock. Of anyone is interested, just make me an offer.

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