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Security Systems -- Once again...


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I wanted to revisit the list of security systems that Control4 integrates with smoothly and what future systems that may end up being added to the list.  For example, I currently have a Napco Magnum Alert alarm system in our home and based on Ryan's post back in November 2011, there were no drivers for Napco and no future plans for Control4 to develop them (see below).


I wanted to see if this has changed for 2014 and if there are any additional security systems being added to the current list.


No drivers for Napco, no plans for Control4 to develop them.




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C4 isn't likely to develop ANY security system drivers on their own at this point AFAIK.

Most DSC and Honeywell panels can be integrated via a device from houselogix, some of either plus a number of others have existing drivers and/or expanded 3rd party drivers as well.


I've not heard of any others in development at this time, but then again I don't always hear everything that is in development.

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I contacted Napco and was informed they are working on a driver for Control4 right now.  Not sure which panels will be supported, but they will follow up with me on this. 


This could be good news as my security system integrator wants close to a $1000 to switch us over to the GE Concord system for the control panel, three keypads, battery, module and expansion card.  I really didn't want to spend the money if I didn't have to.  Glad I contacted Napco on this.  Shew!!!

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