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Parts for HC-300?


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Greetings!  I have an HC-300 with what appears to be a dead power board.  Does anyone have parts for an HC-300, or alternatively a *dead* HC-300 that I could try to scavenge from?

I haven't tested the motherboard yet - no sense doing that if no parts are available.


Model Number: C4-HC300-E-B

I can provide a picture of the board if that helps narrow down the production lot.

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And if anyone's wondering why I don't buy something new - my whole system is still on 1.7.4, and I would prefer not to upgrade right now.

If it came down to it, I'd be interested in buying an HC-300 that was still on 1.7.4 (or earlier), but there's probably not too many of those floating around...

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