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Yet another quickset email issue


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Hi everyone. I've had C4 installed for over a year now and I can tell you there are things that I love about it and things that really suck. My system crashes about twice a week and the installer has been here a number of times trying to figure out why. First my power supply on my 300 went, but that didn't solve the crashing. Now we think that it is an ip conflict, but can't find it.


On the other side, I have been trying to get the email notification to work for my black and decker zigbee quikset to work. I set it up in controller under notifications.


When a code is used, I get an email that says "Door Lock Code" and 1 This event happened at 1/20/14 at 8:00am. But I can't get it to display the username or usercode. I am using the template in the agent email notification with this code "${Garage::Black and Decker Zigbee Lock::USERNAME}"


On the monitoring under the lock I have the Name, Code 1 listed as "Mike, 9999" not real code of course.


Any help would be appreciated. I need to learn how to program this better.

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