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I was just reading the thread about the lock being tied to C4 vs. the Elk system, and I saw the following from C4Programmer.  I didn't want to hijack that thread, so here we are.


I use the Kwikset/Baldwin locks primarily for one reason, the driver has more programming options.  I tired the Yale, and while it looks nice you cannot lock with a code, only with a finger swipe action.  Why this may be important: in my home I have three options to lock the door. Press the lock button - locks the door. Enter my code then press the lock, it will lock the door (and the other 2 doors) and turn off all A/V and lights.  Lock the door with a second code (original code +1) it will locks the doors, turn off all A/V, lights and arm the security system.  You cannot do this with the Yale lock, there is no option to lock with a code.


Other ideas on the lock - I have a keypad button that turns red when any lock is unlocked. press the button and it locks them all.



I just today picked up a few Yale touchscreen deadbolt locks, as well as a Yale Lever Lock to install on my theater door.  I also recently sold a couple of Kwikset locks, and these Yale lock will be replacing them.  The reason for replacement, is my wife much prefers the look at the Yale lock and neither of us were thrilled with putting the Kwikset level lock on the theater room door.  The Yale looks much classier in my opinion.  (There still isn't one I'd put on my front door, but that's an entirely different conversation).


So, here I am with these brand new Yale locks I'm planning to install tonight and I realize that there may be some core functionality differences between the locks that I wasn't aware of.  Can anyone point to differences, such as those state above, that exist in the different lock drivers please?  I should have done my homework first...oh well.

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