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MyHomePC not working on one of my Mac's


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I am able to sign into Control4 site and can access from 4sight, but one of my mac's won't connect. It asks for the email and password used to log into control4, but then it just says "Connecting to the Director" and nothing happens. Tried restarting computer, deleting and reinstalling the application and Adobe AIR. 


Any other thoughts?





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There's currently a problem with MyHome.  This was posted in a different thread by ericsales...


Appears to be a bug because I found an odd workaround.  To get it to work the first time, I performed these steps:


  1. Manually edited the config.xml and input the director IP
  2. Loaded MyHomePC
  3. It prompted me to input my control4.com credentials and I input the new password in Advanced Security (also confirmed Use SSL was checked)
  4. I let it sit there for a few minutes while it hung on connecting to the director.
  5. I turned off SSL, after which the "Connecting.  Press and hold for configuration" screen popped up
  6. Next, I turned SSL back on and it prompted me to enter the password in a flash gui (just like I did with my touchscreens)
  7. After entering the password, the project loaded.

After doing this, I closed MyHomePC and reopened it to see if it saved the connection information.  It prompted me with the screen to name the system, enter credentials (just like a new install).  Instead of going through that again, I simply turned SSL off, turned it back on and it connects (it didn't ask for the password this time). 


It's an annoying work around but at least I can get it to load.  Strange that it's saving the password I entered through the flash gui, but there's no system account saved anywhere...

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