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DirecTV slow to respond to Control4


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I've had horrible lag today with my DirecTV control via my HC800.  I have 2.5.3 software, HC800 is main controller, I have the Genie DVR, small Genie, and HR24 DVR in my system.  I'm using the Extra Vegetables driver I believe installed by my dealer.

I've rebooted the HC800, the main Genie I've been watching today for football, the router.... not sure why the sudden lag which seems somewhat intermittent but incredibly annoying today.

Any ideas on why the sudden lag?

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the only time I experience a consistent lag is when I'm watching the NFL Sunday Ticket channels, 703-716.  All other times it works as expected.

Actually, it's funny you say that because both CBC and Fox as well as NFL ticket in another room of the house were being watched and this was when I was noticing the lag.

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