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Conditional programming based on selected media gone in 2.6


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Prior to upgrading to 2.6 I used conditional programming based on the selected media playing in a given room.  For example, if the current media was a specific Tune In radio station I would have the light on a 6 button keypad turn a certain colour.   In 2.6 there no longer appears to be the ability to create a conditional based on "current media" selected for a given room.  Am I missing something, was it moved or has it been removed?



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Unfortunately, you are not missing something.


This is taken from a thread on the issue on the Dealer Forums:



Due to inconsistent behavior with CURRENT_MEDIA (it never worked as it was supposed to, causing lots of dealer frustration and many tech support calls), this variable was removed in OS 2.6.

(did any other variables go away in 2.6?)


Not that I'm aware of. This didn't go away as part of a coordinated conspiracy. :-) It was an isolated case. 


As it was previously implemented, it was broken - for TuneIn as well as other scenarios. And the way it was designed didn't provide a suitable path to correct the issue. If we decide to provide this capability again in the future, it will require a re-design. Since this was confusing, broken, and causing support calls, we made the decision to remove it for now. 




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