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Programming Grace Tuner Pro GDI-IRTP800


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Hi, I have recently installed a Grace Tuner and I am getting some unusual behaviour. I am using it in some rooms that only have a 6 button keypad and when I hit a key I have programmed to launch a Sirius station many of the times it does not launch the station the first press, some times I have to press the button a second time and then the station launches?

the keypad it not defective because up till the point I reassigned the buttons from tunin radio streams to Sirius it was working perfectly. It has the exact same symptom in multiple rooms. The documentation for the driver (v8)is not that clear with respect to programming functions (excellent with driver configuration), another thing I noticed is the only way I can seem to find to kill the stream is to send a room off command, stop media command has no effect? Does anyone have any idea what may be the cause? possibly I am missing some command to wake the tuner first? The YouTube video from EV for installing the driver and using it through a touch screen is excellent but does not touch much on which functions are usable though programming either. 

thank you

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