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  1. http://www.chowmainsoft.com/pjlink-control4 https://chowmain.squarespace.com/benq-control4
  2. https://drivers.control4.com/solr/drivers/browse?q=Multi+Screen+Wall&fq=certified%3A"true"&fq=manufacturer%3A"Control4" This driver is designed to control up to 20 screens in a room arranged as minor screens around a major screen. The primary use of the driver is to enable the customer to easily swap the source displayed on a minor screen with that on the major screen. This is most often used when customers wish to follow more than one sports event simultaneously switching the focus between games as they progress.The driver and method described here provides the customer with the flexibility to control such arrangements using the standard Control4 UI. The control of the major screen will enable them to both control the source currently displayed and easily swap with another screen. It is also possible to control any of the minor screens with a separate control device (Touchpanel, App or Remote) which is great when friends come around.
  3. an ea5 has a standard db9 male port, your matrix switch you specified had a standard db9 female port, so you would just use a standard null modem (db9 m-f cable) most likely? what adapters are you referring too? rj45 to db9 adapters to send over cat 5? if so then here is the wiring diagram and you would reverse 2 and 3 on one end to get your null modem. https://downloads.monoprice.com/files/diagrams/1152_Diagram_101221.pdf
  4. check your event logs, to view the event history Press 8, code, 8. page 5 of the manual. https://static.interlogix.com/library/466-2183-e-concord-4-user-manual.pdf trouble beeps are page 66 and 67. also you may have some programming in your project like auto alarm system at midnight if it is not already armed? maybe a zone is open and it can not arm?
  5. come to think of it if it was just this one thing you wanted the bond bridge for you could save yourself some time and money and just hard wire a hack? since your remote only has 2 functions (on and off) you could either use 2 relay ports on a home controller of your choice or a IO extender or a wireless relay/contact module and solder it to the pads on the board of the remote? chances are you have one of these already and you would only require a bit of system programming to bind the relay ports?
  6. as mstafford388 already mentioned most if not all professional monitoring service providers will not allow DIY 100%, now that's not to say you cant not setup the system exactly as you want prior to them coming in to test and configure their monitoring settings (phone number or IP along with your assigned account number) thus potentially saving you tons of money in elevated price options and additional runs if you require changes to your existing system. As for recommendations for said monitoring company it would be useful if you listed what country you are in as monitoring companies are not typically international and will not monitor out of their country.
  7. in your case it looks like you may be in luck, since i did not have your exact model i guessed at this one (manual attached), i then took the FCC ID from that manual and punched it in here https://bondhome.io/supported-devices/ and it yielded these results https://bondhome.io/supported-devices/?fcc=K9L1001 , assuming your remotes is one of the 3 supported ones you should be good with Alan's driver and a bond available on amazon.ca since you are in Canada https://www.amazon.ca/BOND-Makes-Ceiling-Google-Compatible/dp/B071GVGVVH/ref=sr_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=Bond+Smart+Home+Wifi+Hub&qid=1593105479&sr=8-5 . as for the original poster sorry I did not have as good of luck finding his, that's not to say its not supported, i just could not quickly and easily find the same information. SR-2R instructions.pdf
  8. if it was within the past hour is it probably because of this: https://status.control4.com/incidents/ndbt4fbcfkj4 Token Authentication service upgrade Incident status: Monitoring Rollback is complete. All devices will need to reathenticate again. Therefore, on mobile devices, customers will need to "Remove System" in Settings and re-enter their credentials. This should only impact users who have tried to authenticate over the last hour since the upgraded was attempted. Time posted Apr 20, 12:25 MDT Components affected customer.control4.com my.control4.com Alexa Google Assistant Remote Composer Pro ...and 1 more component. View 2 previous incident updates
  9. it might be more useful to explain what you would like to connect to your system? there may be other options. as sonic30101 explained in the first response in this thread global cache make a wired and wireless serial to IP option that integrate to control4: https://www.globalcache.com/products/itach/wf2slspecs/ https://www.globalcache.com/products/itach/ip2slspecs/
  10. https://www.instructables.com/id/IoT-Enabled-Coffee-Machine/
  11. https://cloud.google.com/text-to-speech/
  12. FYI DSC does have CO options if you wanted to stick with all DSC, unfortunately not combined with smoke like nest. https://www.dsc.com/index.php?n=products&o=view&id=129 https://www.dsc.com/index.php?n=products&o=view&id=2480
  13. https://www.control4.com/documentation/System_User_Guide/Lock_the_Navigator.htm
  14. Maybe ask Alan if the SMTP driver portion of his communications suite behaves differently than c4's email function? https://www.chowmainsoft.com/notification-suite/
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