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  1. Any luck with this? I have been happily using Alexa with Control4 for a while until this morning and now I am getting the same response in the Alexa app when I try to re-enable the Control4 skill. “We were unable to link Control4....” Any advice would be appreciated!
  2. Any chance someone could please repost a link to the driver? I can only seem to find a very old version from 2013 and the link above to the dropbox no longer works. Thanks!!
  3. I replaced my recently installed T3 in our primary watching area and couldn’t be happier. For things where I need the app, my phone or iPad are always nearby, but this remote is far more responsive for AppleTV controls and volume. Even able to setup custom buttons for aspect ratios and lighting scenes for direct access while watching so there are fewer steps for these frequently used items. I wouldn’t mind a way to lock the screen as someone else suggested because I have inadvertently hit the custom buttons while watching and the room lights come on full bore by accident.
  4. I'm trying hard to set this up as I think it is exactly what I am trying to utilize in my home. However, I am getting a "device creation failed" in the NetPlay Cloud status box after I enable Netplay cloud in the driver properties. Any ideas?
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