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I have a honeywell Vista 20p panel that I set up.  I purchased the houselogix adapter to talk with C4.  When asking my programmer about adding the security feature, they had no idea what the adapter was and also stated I needed to program Vista 20p first to talk with C4. 


What setting in the Vista 20p programming is necessary?  


Also, isnt the houselogix adapter suppose to be more of a plug and play? I have the c4 $99 service. I just need help with integrating. 


Any help provided would be greatly appreciated. If they are unable to do the programming tomorrow, I will need assistance remotely. Magnolia wants to price out a separate bill totaling in the upper hundreds.  I just dont have that kind of money right now. 

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It in essence installs as a keypad to the security system - so you only need to do what you do when installing a new/extra keypad to the security panel.


More info and links at the bottom of this page: https://www.houselogix.com/shop/hsim-dsc-honeywell-and-ademco-security-integration-module

Several partaining specifically tyo the Vista panel.

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