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Nest Thermostat - remote temp sensor


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Has anyone been able to use a remote temperature sensor to drive the operation of a nest thermostat?   I have one heating zone for my main level and my basement.  The nest is on the main level and I have a remote temp sensor in the basement and can see that the basement is usually 4-5 degrees colder than where the nest thermostat is set.   This is not surprising at all and not a big issue except when I have guests staying at the house since the guest room is in the basement and it gets too cold late at night.    


Is there a way to have the nest control the heating system based on a set temp for the basement temp sensor?   I know I can just increase the main level temp of the nest to do the same thing, but seems like there should be a way to do this more efficiently with programming now that nest is integrated in to C4 (I have the 2.6 upgrades so the nest can be controlled via C4).  Has anyone tried this yet?


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The Nest doesn't support a remote temperature sensor, and unfortunately, there's not really a way around having the Nest react according to it's own temperature sensor, even through Nest's API.


I know of no thermostats that can use a remote temperature sensor that's not connected to the actual thermostat, unless it's a system designed with it's own remote wireless temperature sensors.


The main logic behind this is that no thermostat should have to query externally to find out the temperature that it should be acting upon.  In the Nest's case, it'd have to have an open internet connection to the Nest cloud 24/7 to know whether the thermostat should act or not.  That would likely put it over battery budget.  (I'm not a Nest engineer, so I obviously could be wrong on the battery budget, but I do know it takes that into account with the API).



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The only solution I know of would be an HVAC system that has zones using motorized dampers. Unfortunately nest still wouldn't be able to support that type of system with only one unit. You would need to put the main thermostat in the basement and the secondary one controlling the dampers for the upper level.

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