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Suporting Advanced Lighting scenes - dimmer driver


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Hello everyone,


I have a few questions about Advanced Lighting Scene programming. I have a full functional ZigBee dimmer driver for (third party device) and now I need

support for Advanced Lighting Scene. I am using a "light" proxy.

Does "light(v1)" proxy support Advanced Lighting Scenes ?

Do I need to add some code to my c4i file, in order to handle this feature ? If it is so, is there some example how to do that ?


Thanks in advance

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I see, my next question is related to "Advanced Properties" section of some C4 drivers. I see that some C4 drivers have this section (with control inputs and outputs...) in System Design/Properties pane, 

for example C4 puck dimmer. Then, when I switch to Connection pane and select Aux 1, it is possible to link it with predefined "Advanced Lighting" scene.

With my light driver I don't have this option.


So, I wonder, is it possible to define some control input/output (Aux1,Aux2...for instance as puck dimmer) for my driver in order to link it with "Advanced Lighting" scene in Connection pane ?

What should I do to enable this option ?

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I realized that I need to add new connection in order to have control input which then can be linked with predefined Advanced Lighting Scene in Connection pane (ControlAV tab). So, is it possible to define a button on a dimmer as one control input? That way, I will have possibility to link that input with scene. Is it good approach to define a dimmer button as control input? My intention is to activate Advanced Lighting Scene when a button is pressed on one specific dimmer.


Best regards

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