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Chowmain appoints Houselogix as new distributor


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Melbourne, Australia, Nov 27, 2014 - On the 10th September 2014 Extra Vegetables became part of Control4.  As part of the transition process, the Extra Vegetables store will be closing on the 31st December 2014.  As such Chowmain software & apps have appointed Houselogix as it's new distributor of all of the Chowmain drivers effective immediately.


"By partnering up with Houselogix we can keep our focus on developing new technology for Control4." said Alan Chow, co-founder of Chowmain. "Additionally the Houselogix website allows us to manage our driver releases, provide updates to drivers remotely and allow dealers to purchase licences 24 hours a day 7 days a week."


To celebrate, Chowmain is giving out a FREE ping driver on their website for use in any OS 2.6 Control4 system and all Chowmain drivers will be on sale at 10% off the normal dealer pricing for the next two weeks until the 12th of December 2014.


If you have existing Extra Vegetables licences you can still visit the Extra Vegetables website to log in to view and manage your existing licences.


About Chowmain Software & Apps - Chowmain is a leading software development company specialising in development of Control4 drivers based in both Auckland (NZ) and with a presence in Melbourne (Australia).  Chowmain's staff have been working in the home automation industry for years and understand how electronics work.  Chowmain were one of the first Control4 software developers to utilise the Control4 Driverworks Software Development Kit and Chowmain's staff are all Control4 Tech I and Tech II certified and have taught Control4 installation and programming to dealers in both Australia and New Zealand.


About Houselogix HouseLogix, Inc.is a pioneering US technology company based in Pennsylvania. The HouseLogix product division designs, develops, and manufactures products and software that serve the home automation industry such as the VoicePod devices and apps. The service division delivers high quality commercial and residential automation installations. Our mission is to deliver professional technology solutions to dealers and consumers.


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