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LiLin NVR (and driver) with different cameras


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Guys, I've just set up a 6 Camera LiLin setup with their 9 channel NVR.


It was real easy and all is good.


I want to add a couple other cameras, but I can only do wireless to those locations and shock horror there aren't any wireless LiLin cameras!!!


Is that right??


I've tried adding a non LiLin wireless Axis Cam onto their NVR, but I can't get it to work..


It would be cool of course to get every cam onto the NVR because of the great new C4 LiLin NVR driver! 


So quick q?


Whats' going on here??


Is there a hack?


.. and if the NVR only takes LiLin.. when the heck are they releasing a wirelss cam?


Other solutions? 





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Call Lilin tech support if possible - they are fantastic.  I asked this question to them, and they said if the non Lilin camera is h264 its possible with some hacks.  They have a supported and unsupported list but said it was not public.  I have some wireless foscams that once I get into C4 I'll see if I can get on the NVR.  for now the Foscams just record to an SD card in the camera and its good enough.

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