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Text from C4 when Alarm is trig


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I have my home alarm intergraded with my C4 it's the GE nx8 and I would like it to send me a text when my alarm is triggered ..I do have Composer home and it dose send me emails when doors are locked however I would like the text saying my alarm has been triggered .. I remember some one had posted a how to with all the cell phone carriers. Any info would be grate .. Ohh I have AT&T if that helps

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What type of phone do you carry?   You can also send something like a Prowl notification which is effectively the same thing. 


Or even an email can do this on an iPhone if you put the sender into your VIP list - you can have that pop up as an alert on your iPhone that persists until you acknowledge it.  Android probably allows even more customization, like a custom tone based on who the sender of the email or text is.  Blackberries used to allow you to do this.

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