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Dimmer issue


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I have the newest, adaptive phase c4 dimmers which were installed about 9 months ago.  This weekend, the leds on one switch (with 8 loads attached) started blinking red and we couldn't turn the lights off.   I thought maybe we overloaded the switch (which would be strange since it worked for 9 months) so I replaced the bulbs with lower wattage ones (not LED bulbs) and I also reset the dimmer (15 taps on upper rocker).  


The leds on the switch are not flashing red anymore, but now the light bulbs will dim but still won't turn off.  It indicates they are off in the C4 app, but the lights are on at probably 20%-30% level (my rough guess).   


Has my switch gone bad?  What else can I try?


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Red is overload indeed - not turning off is usually because the wattage rating is too low - though on APD that's pretty unlikely.


Not that with LED rush current, it's not impossible to have a once in a while wattage overload (the cheaper the bulb....).

I'd try putting the previous one in - see what it does.

If the dimmer is damaged, it won't hurt it more - if it isn't, it still won't hurt it (the overload protection is pretty good - not something to rely on on a daily basis, but it won't fry right of the bat either).

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