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Question on Kwikset Locks

Brian Nichols

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I am trying to determine if there is any substantial difference between the standard Kwikset SmartHome Zigbee lock (910) and the proprietary Control4 version of this same lock. Is there a reason why I would need to explicitly get the Control4 specific version? I'll admit from the get go that I am a n00b to these products, but I can't find any documentation which details a difference or explicitly states that I need a specific Control4 version of the lock as opposed to just a regular Zigbee compatible lock.


Is there anyone here that can enlighten me and drag me from the darkness of my ignorance?



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First of all understand that tehre are ZigBee and Zwave versions.

Second, Control4 has it's own identification (and associated securty) protocols to get a ZigBee device to connect.


The only one you can be sure should work are the ones sold by Control4. Anything else - depends if they decided to use the same card or not. I've heard people say they got them to connect and work, got them to connect but drop off, or not connect at all.

You CAN try getting a  ZigBee version elsewhere - but you're taking a chance.

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