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dimming single light or lighting scene with up/down buttons

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Well there's a bunch of ways to do this, and it all depends on the situation.


The 'coolest' method is that you bind a light or scene to each other button, pressing that button can then give you up/down control with the buttons via setting the keypad to track last button press.

The 'best' method (provided you don't want to do the above and want to only use them for one light or one scene) is to have a light or scene link their top/bottom to the up/down button.

Both of the above are quick and clean - but require ComposerPro.


Both CAN be done programatically though.

The second is easiest emulated:

On up you'd program:

WHEN up is pressed

press top button of [light or scene you want]

WHEN up is released

release top button.... I think you get the idea


The second is similar but you'd program each button to set a number variable to a specific value and then:

WHEN up is pressed

IF variable is equal to 1

-press top button of [light or scene you want]

IF variable is equal to 2.....etc


The programming method tends to be more susceptible to delay, in that it may take a split second to start and stop on your press and release - which can make it hard to go to EXACT values. Then again it mau be worth trying - often enough it'll work perfectly acceptable.

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