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2 8-ohm speakers per Multichannel Amp output


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The multichannel amp literature says it support 8 and 4 ohm outputs with

Continuous Output Power:

–120W per channel at 8 ohms

–220W per channel at 4 ohms

I have a long large room with 4 8-ohm speakers in it, and thought that I could simply wire the 2 on the left in parallel and the 2 on the right in parallel, and then run off 2 channels of the amp (instead of 4). That should make the parallel pair look like a 4-ohm speaker to the amp. That would save amp channels, and not really diminish the power to them it seems, and also do the job with a home run of 2 speaker cables instead of 4.

Does anyone see any problems with this approach?

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